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Founded in 1986, Brent Financial Group, LLC is one of the finest financial consulting, asset management and tax service firms in the community.

For financial professionals who put your needs first, look to Brent Financial Group.

Whatever your financial needs,
Brent Financial Group can help.

Whether you are just starting out or looking forward to retirement, we can help you develop a financial plan to meet your goals.

  • Investment planning and asset management
  • Life insurance (term and whole life)
  • Long term care insurance
  • Income tax preparation, planning, and problem resolution.

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2018 Tax Letter and Organizer

Dec 12, 2018: Our annual letter and organizer has been sent out. If you didn't receive a copy, you can find it here. Find out what is in store for your 2018 taxes and prepare for your appointment.

2018 Non-Cash Donation Guide

Nov 16, 2018: We've updated our non-cash donation guide for 2018. Use this to estimate the values of clothing or goods donated to Goodwill, Salvation Army, your church, and other non-profit organizations.

Early Withdrawal Penalties

New blog entry: Penalties on Early Retirement Plan Distributions Explained. When money gets tight, it can be tempting to tap into a retirement account. While it can seem like an easy, painless way to pay off some bills, it can be very expensive come tax time. A quick fix can become a painful burden.

Pete and Laurie are registered Voya Financial 403(b) representatives and service the Voya Opportunity Plus plan for our many local school districts. If you are a NYS school employee, contact us to see how we can help maximize your retirement with an investment plan that is designed especially for you.